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Biomotion Car Driver

What is the Biomotion Car Driver?
Biomotion Car Driver model is a unique solution to analyze the driver-steering interaction in a multibody systems (mbs) simulation. By the use of a human driver model as "actuator" for the steering wheel in your mbs-simulation with one of the supported simulation platforms you can analyze the mechanical interaction between the driver an the car.

What are the benefits?
Biomotion Car Driver can be used to simulate many typical maneuvers. It steers the car exactly the way a real driver does. This gives the opportunity that the coupling beetween rider and vehicle is modeled precisely. Consequently, any important resonance effect which may lead to instable driving is considered by your model.
Power steering parameters or driving assistence systems can be tested in a virtual engineering environment under different limit conditions. Dangerous testing can be minimized to lower cost and risks. For instance a driver "fighting" with an assistance system which interferes by active steering wheel motion can be analyzed.